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European Investment Bank

MDBs and IMF to facilitate long-term infrastructure investment in G20 countries

The EIB and other MDBs, together with the IMF, will continue to work together to prioritise investment needs in infrastructure, ensure an enabling environment for investments, and mobilise finance from a range of sources, in particular from the private sector, in G20 countries. At the end of the of the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in Washington EIB President Werner Hoyer announced that the MDB Group, which he currently chairs, stands ready to respond to calls to foster infrastructure investment in G20 countries.


First private sector loan to Ukraine

The EIB provided its first private sector loan in Ukraine to LLC FIRMA ASTARTA-Kiev, a leading agroindustrial producer. The loan will help improve the resource efficiency of the country’s agri-food sector and contribute to food security and self-sufficiency. It also aims to support economic development in the country and generate employment, particularly in rural areas.


EIB invests to upgrade Liberia’s main airport

An EIB loan of EUR 19.6m will help finance urgent works to improve runway drainage and runway lighting at Roberts International Airport, outside the Liberian capital of Monrovia. The deal was agreed on 10 October, and the completed upgrades will allow the airport to comply with international civil aviation standards, which is essential for the country’s development.


Enhanced MDB cooperation a top priority for the EIB

EIB President Werner Hoyer has called for additional efforts to increase the cooperation among the International Financial Institutions for the “Post 2015 Development agenda”. Speaking at the World Bank Group Annual Meetings in his current role as chair of the group of Heads of the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), the EIB President proposed to develop new, more effective ways of boosting development finance in the years to come.
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